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Food Affects Everything.

There is a direct relationship between artificial, processed “food” and your body’s ability to heal and thrive.  Whether your intention is to have more energy, heal your digestive distress, recover from a chronic condition, or learn how to prioritize your own health for optimal wellness, we offer classes to support you.

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Delicious Detox

Seasonal. Healthy. Delicious.

ENERGIZE! An Autumn Detox
Ready to hit the reset button and boost your energy, restore digestion and build immunity for the cooler seasons ahead?

Autumn is the time of year to focus on the organs of elimination – the skin and the colon. Detoxifying these organs will improve your digestion, jumpstart weight-loss, and give you a healthy inner and outer glow!

  • My signature DIY (Do It Yourself!) food-based detox.
  • Perfect for you if you’re ready to experience change FAST!

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Culinary Kitchen

Health-supportive cooking for beautiful, energized living. Learn simple ways to cook a menu of delicious & healthy meals tailored to meet your specific nutritional and culinary needs.

  • Begin with an Initial Nutrition Evaluation to discuss both your health goals and culinary objectives
  • With the knowledge learned, we’ll create a menu with recipes that meet your needs
  • Next, a two hour virtual class side-by-side with me, in my private kitchen where you’ll learn hands on how to cook health-supportive foods
  • Private, local NY clients only

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