Success Stories

Maggie H, NY

“My digestive symptoms have healed and I’ve been migraine-free five months”
“I thought my diet was healthy.  But, I was bloated all of the time, was on long term medication for heartburn, and had debilitating migraines.  Until I met Lisa, I didn’t think changing my diet was the answer…. It was.  I went from feeling overwhelmed to energized in less than a month.  Today, my digestive symptoms have healed and  I’ve been migraine-free five months.  I sleep better than I have in years and I’ve even lost 7 pounds!  If you are going to put your trust in someone, put your trust in Lisa.  She’s truly an incredible teacher and healer.”

Isabeau K, GA

“The work we did together really made a HUGE impact on my life”
“I’ve been following Lisa’s suggestions, and I feel great, particularly my stomach.  But also, the aches and pains in my muscles and joints are gone, the fatigue and spaciness as drastically decreased, and I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds!!! As a result of her Candida/yeast protocol, I’ve upgraded my diet, eliminating all sugars except for fruit and the occasional treat.  I now drink a green smoothie every day.  I even add spirulina to it three times a week!

I’d absolutely recommend working with Lisa.  I accomplished so much in so little time.”

Marisol E, NY

“Lisa introduced me to a new & healthier way to cook food. Thank you, Lisa, for your patience, insight and inspiration. My weight has dropped and my energy level has improved dramatically. And, more importantly, I now have the knowledge and tools to continue making healthy meals for myself and my children.”


Diana T, CT

“While my life seems to be a series of big firestorms, Lisa helped me to prioritize my wellness and growth while fighting life’s fires, allowing me and my family to keep dancing our way to greatness instead of getting battered and burned. Thank you for reminding me to put on my own oxygen mask first!”


Barbara F, NY

“I struggled with an autoimmune condition for 10 years before finding Lisa. When I came to her, I wasn’t sleeping and my joints were in terrible shape I could barely walk. I was ready to do anything to feel better, but didn’t know who to trust or where to begin. A friend recommended Lisa, and I can honestly say my life hasn’t been the same since. We worked together long term and I’ve had huge success. I’ve learned the best way to manage my autoimmunity so I’m experiencing fewer flair ups.  I have a lot more energy and go for days pain-free.  And, I’m finally able to sleep well.  Thank you, Lisa!”


Todd K, NY

“This is such a great program. As a result of working with Lisa, I’m feeling much better and making smarter food choices. It has been a pleasure, I did sign up to continue.”


Kathy H, CT

“Lisa was especially helpful when my son was diagnosed with sleep apnea, and guided us to his full recovery.  She advised me about everything from the study itself and the subsequent tonsillectomy to the possibility of food sensitivities and adjusting his diet accordingly if the apnea came back. ”


Mary O, NY

“Lisa’s seven day sugar detox, is a great tool to help you think consciously when you are thinking about eating something sugary… and what you can substitute instead. The nicest thing about the detox is that you don’t have to give up sugar completely, you can have smart sugars. I have substituted slices peaches (in maple syrup) instead of ice cream or cookies and I definitely feel satisfied. Lisa’s guides, recipes and suggestions are the best I have come across and I can’t wait to learn more from her on healthy eating!”


Charles P, NY

“Changing ones eating habits seems a large mountain to climb, but with the right guide it is surprisingly easy. Lisa is unwavering in her belief that food choices really are life and death decisions, and after eating many of her recipes I learned that the healthy decision can be delicious. Getting to know that her personal diet is what she recommends for her clients is evidence that she practices precisely what she preaches. Recently in my local newspaper, I had read an article about the dangers of sugar, and the terminal illnesses it may be responsible for. The information in that article confirmed what Lisa had told me months before. The knowledge that so many of us eat poisonous ingredients every day is spreading, and Lisa is at the forefront of the movement to get the word out. She offered me an escape from my old ways and we succeeded together. So if you’re going to put your faith in someone to guide you to healthier living make sure that she is as dedicated, honest, and intelligent as Lisa.”


Heidi N, CG

“My undiagnosed digestive issues prompted me to call Lisa. She worked with me through foods to heal my stomach and taught me how to eat to support my continued health. The bloating and pain have disappeared… for the first time in years!  I’m thrilled with my decision to work with her.”


Samantha, FL

“Before coming to see Lisa, my daughter struggled with allergies and asthma. Today, my daughter is fully recovered from both her allergies and her asthma.  I am amazed with Lisa’s depth of knowledge, understanding, and care. Through her step-by-step guidance, we learned exactly what to eat, the tools to heal, and the practical steps we needed to take to create new healthy habits. Our entire family has benefited greatly.”


Karen K, FL

“I love food, especially desserts, so I was skeptical when Lisa promised to share some recipes with me for gluten-free, refined sugar-free (and everything else free it seemed…!) cookies and cakes that both me and my kids would love. I have an 8 year old son and two young daughters, ages 4 and 2, all of whom are very picky eaters. Boy was I surprised! Her maple sugar cookies were literally some of the best cookies I’ve eaten, gluten-free or not. And my kids won’t stop asking for them. There is a way that food can taste good while still being healthy and fun. I’m convinced that no one knows this better than Lisa.”


Kathy S, CT

“Not only does Lisa give good, sound advice–she does it with such a sense of calm reassurance and conviction that I not only know what to do after talking with her, I actually start to believe that I can do it.”


Rosalie N, NY

“Lisa designed a personal eating plan for my daughter. She gave me delicious recipes and practical suggestions to implement a healthy lifestyle. Lisa is patient, supportive, non judgmental, knowledgeable and caring. My daughter felt so much better following Lisa’s program. I highly recommend her.”

Danielle M, NY

“I have always had issues when it comes to eating healthy. Nothing I ever did seemed to work. Lisa helped to ease me into the process and understand that I don’t have to do everything at once. Even small changes make huge differences. She truly listened to my concerns and gave me what I needed. I’m on my way to living a healthier life and it feels great!”


Samantha S, CT

“Forget about calling my son’s pediatrician—I turned to Lisa every time I had a question. Whatever the concern—sleep, diet, temperature, behavior, development, etc.—I called her knowing that in addition to providing me with thoughtful, knowledgeable advice and feedback, Lisa would deliver it with care and concern. I have to admit I owe my sanity and my toddler’s happiness and health in large part to Lisa, as she was a constant source of support and understanding, without ever making me feel clueless (trust me, I was) or burdensome.”


Fred G, NY

“Thanks to Lisa’s easy and fun approach to food and nutrition, I feel better now than at any other time in my life. I crave the healthy meals Lisa has taught me to cook which means, as Lisa says, that my body realizes they’re good for me. I am amazed at the greater level of energy I have. And, Lisa uncovered a hidden food sensitivity that was causing the chronic eczema I struggled with for 20 years.  All of this became a reality because Lisa helped me figure out the right foods to eat for my own body and particular health struggles.”