Your DIGESTIVE HEALTH determines the health of your entire body.

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“Simple, easy to read, engaging, full of excellent information but not overwhelming”
“Overall, I am very impressed with your “Top 3 Digestive Foods” e-Guide. The colors, pictures,
and writing are full of life. The information that you share is very valuable. And, I love your recipes! Great job!”
Raman Gakhal, Toronto, Canada

“I’m really enjoying the recipes in your eGuide, Lisa!”

“While I’m not great in the kitchen, all of your recipes look appealing and really easy to make. I recently tried
the homemade yogurt and it’s very yummy! Can’t thank you enough for the recipe.”
Mara, Delaware

“I’m sure any time spent one-on-one with you will yield huge gifts in my health and my life”
“This is beautiful!  I love the clean look and beautiful photos.  It’s as if the eGuide is reflecting how great
eating these foods and working with you can make me feel.  I’m really struck by the fact that you make
changing what people eat doable and accessible.  Makes me want to get into the kitchen!”
Jennifer Greer, Philadelphia, PA